WPS Premium Auxiliary Power Unit

The Premium unit has the option of also purchasing an air compressor. If you do not require the air compressor, it is strongly suggested that you consider the newer Willie™ unit instead. The Willie™ provides the exact same performance as the Premium at a more affordable price and compact size.

Our Premium unit has a state-of-the-art design to provide maximum comfort and power.  It eliminates the need for all non-operational idling. The Premium provides twice the power of competing systems as well as backup for the truck power and HVAC system. The Premium keeps batteries charged while providing all comforts.

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Premium Advantages


Premium Performance

Available with pneumatic/air compressor
Available with additional alternator for DC or AC power
May be configured with other components
Available in diesel or propane
  Up to 28,000 BTUs of cooling
Up to 20,000 BTU of heating available for the cab and sleeper
Up to 4 KW of power
Electronic controls with programmable features
Powerful diesel engine up to 20 HP