"I own seven premium Willis units and two compact Willie units. Dollar for dollar, this is the best unit. Nothing on the market is as efficient on fuel. I've tested a competitor on my trucks and the Willie still burned significantly less fuel in an eight hour period. I have to go by what I see and what my drivers tell me, and I've done a lot of research. You pay for what you get... this is the only APU that gets my trucks below 72 degrees on the hottest day of the summer." 

 - Leland Crank
    Crank Enterprises, Inc

"There is no other system that cools like a Willis! Period! It also maintains battery strength, supplies ample heat and allows me to rest comfortably in the far out places that we, as drivers, venture."

 - Jon Modlin

Doug has driven a truck with a Compact Willie for 14 months and says he "loves it because it really works." Doug also says that "it is a good unit."

 - Doug, July 24, 2012 
    Driver for Nick Strimbu Inc. 
    Brookfield, OH