About Willis Power Systems

Our Mission

The Willis Auxliary Power Unit (APU) gives professional truckers the resources they need to combat tighter budgets, higher fuel costs, and stricter EPA emission regulations. It is our mission to assist truck drivers and trucking companies to save money in this ever changing business enviroment. Click here to view our customer testimonials!

Maximum Savings

WPS is one of the first companies to bring APU technology to the trucking industry. With years of rigorous testing, our products achieve maximum APU-related savings in fuel and maintenance costs. The Willis APU offsets the costs of installing other emission control equipment mandated by state idling and federal emissions laws.

Competitive Designs
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Twice the cooling/heating capacity of the competition in terms of air flow and temperature
  • Up to 50% more engine power than our competitors
  • Improved cost of operations due to savings from lower fuel usage
  • SmartWay verified technology
  • CARB certification and approval for our propane units